Saturday, April 6, 2013

This day in 2012 - April 6th

Today in 2012 I was finally starting to have some memories. I didn't really know what day it was and everything seemed so confusing. People just kept telling me how lucky I am to be alive and how i'm a miracle at Temple [Hospital]. I was told it was April 6 and knew it was my older brother Jay's birthday. A couple days before my pulmonary doc, Dr. Desai told me I should start a video journal. It really wasn't something I ever thought of doing and at that time I never thought i'd even share them with anyone. As time went on, I began making more more. Often times forgetting until late at night or the next morning. They wrote the day on the board, but I couldn't really see it from the bed. I never wore my glasses because of the stupid feeding tube. I had been ok'd to talk after being taken off ventilator support, but I wasn't allowed to eat food or drink anything until i passed the swallow tests to make sure everything was going into my stomach and not into my air way.

I hope to help people and their families not experience some of the things I did and I hope that sharing these will help raise awareness for this disease and help others who become diagnosed.

Here's my first video.