Sunday, June 23, 2013

Life outside of Blogging

It had been a crazy month and a half since we wrote our last blog. It is now June, but I'm going to backdate the posts  so the updates can all stay in order. Eric had been slowly on the mend and many days he still has 'trigger fingers' so I will likely be posting many of the blog updates. We have had our Clay Shoot for HLH and are getting ready to take part in the 1st Annual Liam's LighthouseFoundation 5K to Fight Histio in NYC which will be held on July 21, 2013. If you'd like to run/walk with us visit and click on the events tab for step-by-step instructions in how to register for this event. 

Stay tuned - we have lots of exciting things happening!!

  As always, feel free to comment on any if the posts with questions or email us if you'd like to know more about something.