Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Changes

So my sleep study got canceled because of insurance reasons. Hopefully they'll reschedule it sooner than later. I was hoping to get it over with. The Humira seems to be working so i'm crossing my fingers Rheumatology lowers my prednisone tomorrow. This week MTG should be finishing the kitchen floor up. Justin, my dad, and Jode and the neighbor helped put the fire stove back together too this weekend. It sure did warm up the house nice. We started getting things cleared up outside since it's getting colder. The leaves are all yellow and orange and starting to fall. I hope we can keep up with them.

Update: Rheumatology was pleased with how the Humira is helping me and decided to start lowering my prednisone. It was 10 now we're moving down to 7.5! Hopefully it will go well and I can move down to 5 in December.

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