Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Labs

The doctors say to take the 'numbers' with a grain of salt. If I'm feeling 'good' or better and not worse --that's most important. These were taken in December but with the holiday Amanda didn't get them updated on our Quest App which is really helpful for any of my fellow HLH family reading this. It's called Gazelle by quest diagnostics and all you do is type in the date you had blood drawn and the doctors name and info and you'll have them on your phone app in just a few days. Then you can view them or fax or email them to another doctor with just one tap!

So my ferritin dropped back down and so did the CRP. They look at ferritin for several things. Ferritin is a measure of iron in your blood and is followed for HLH diagnosis, but my red and white cell counts don't indicate any crazy HLH stuff going on so it's likely attributed to my Still's Disease. CRP is a non-specific inflammatory marker they look at. Last time it was 4 something so this is a step in the right direction.

Just moved down to 6.5mg of prednisone last Thursday an I'm feeling it a little but I'm hopeful it will subside just like it has before so I can move down to 6 next week!


  1. Eric, did you get my Email on NYD....

    My brothers got the same illness as you we REALLY need your help and information about your doctors and treatment as its so rare the doctors in the UK are clueless...

    1. We replied about 2 hours after you sent it. Check your email for Maybe try the spam folder?