Saturday, February 2, 2013

Calling All Angels

Just like the song by Train, I'm Calling all Angels. It's been a long week and a half for us. Excited with anticipation of dropping prednisone levels again, Eric got his wish. We went down to 5mg! That's pretty close to what your body naturally produces so were almost ready to see if he can begin to start making it on his own and get off prednisone all together.

Just a few days after lowering the prednisone Eric began having severe headaches/migraine and became a little more tired and exhausted easier than usual. So we drank healthier drinks, bundled him up more and hope for the best.

The work week started and the headaches continued. They'd come on strong in the late afternoon and peak highest just about bedtime and would linger all night long off and on, waking Eric every 30-45 minutes. I haven't had nights like that in over 6 months. It was pretty rough.

Eric went to work Tuesday and by the afternoon he was feeling as crappy as the days before. So as we normally do we contacted all his doctors and decided to increase his prednisone by .5 and go back to the usual drop of .5mg every two weeks. Wednesday came and went and the headaches did too. So Thursday I called te family Scott and we were able to squeeze in an afternoon appointment.

Typically most people wouldn't fret over he aches and tiredness, I mean seriously, who can't use a little extra sleep every now and then?

While we were there we took some blood work again to check Eric's inflammatory markers and his cell counts as well as some vitamin levels. He also got a B12 shot which might be a regular regiment after we consult his 4 other main doctors. She put him on Bactrim and Flonase in hopes that this might just be the start of a 'simple' ear infection or sinus infection and nothing worse. The thing is- the simple anything to the average healthy person can become easily more complicated and detrimental to someone like Eric because of all the immunosuppressant drugs and life threatening diseases he has.

So as Eric finally drifts off for who knows how long, I'm calling all ANGELS and PRAYER WARRIORS to surround him with their love and pray for this to be nothing more than a simple cold that passes soon and that the Stills Dragan lay dormant. For more information on Still's Disease visit:



  1. Sending my thoughts prayers and positive energy Amanda! <3

  2. Please have Eric take 3 oregano oil softgels and 2 Olive leaf extract after meals. I'm very sure this will treat the under lying cause of HLH.Try it,there is nothing to lose in trying. These are natural supplements with no side effects. The brand I've used are from Swansons Vitamins.Will also need to taper him off the prednisone and chemo. Good luck.