Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cold? Flu? Still's Disease Flare?

If you are out of the loop see this post first: Angels and Prayer Warriors

Tuesday night we only got about 2 hours of sleep total the entire night, so needless to say yesterday was exhausting! We spent the entire day at the ER as recommended by Eric's Rheumatologist due to the fact that meciations like Humira, methotrexate, and Humira can allow for Eric's body to become ill at a much faster rate. Fears of Sinusitus or even meningitis were on the table of possibities. Early labs taken at the family doctor trended away from an HLH Relapse

We had full labs, 2 X-rays and a CT scan on his head.

They showed:
• white cells were trending down, but are still above normal range.
• lung X-ray is clear
• CT scan was clear
Eric trying to rest off this pain gave me the dead fish face and stuck out his tongue for laughs...
That being said it has been proven to be a less intense sinus infection or a Still's flare up, possibly both. We were discharged since its safer to be home that the hospital and no imminent danger showed.

This morning we went to the Rheumatologist to go over everything and map out a plan. For the time being we stopped prednisone and replaced it with Medrol which is another similar type steriod which sometimes works better for patients than the prednisone. Also started a stronger antibiotic to fight infection. Hopefully we'll see a difference in a few days to a week and if so we can monitor and begin to taper the steriods again to a better level.

 Sorry for the delay - I didn't get much to eat and was super tired so when we got home last night..I ate and fell asleep on the couch and my phone wasn't charged all night.

- Amanda


  1. I hope Eric is feeling better and better each day!!!

    Sue and Kody Messier

  2. Keep strong! Remain relaxed! Sleep!